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Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

Happy Holidays! Blogxiliar will take a few-day hiatus to enjoy the holiday season. Pics to follow!


High School Teacher May Have Stolen 12,000 Euros in Government Money

21 Dec

It’s not every day that you find out your student may have pinched 12,000 euros from the government piggy bank. Continue reading

Last Minute Projects

20 Dec

Having trouble brainstorming ideas for class? With small children I find that a rewards-based system helps students focus on the task at hand, and what’s more the reward itself is a project. Little tasks such as origami are great because they keep the students distracted from misbehaving and are an effective means of teaching them some new vocabulary.

The Origami Ball

This is my personal favorite because after the students complete all the steps you get to see them huff and puff away trying to inflate it. I’ve done this activity with students ranging from 5 to 12 years old. Be sure to emphasize key words such as fold, line, cut, blow etc. while giving instructions. During and after the project I frequently act out the steps and ask the students what I’m doing.  Además, being the holiday season you can write this off as a Christmas ornament.  All the steps for this activity can be found  here

If you have any ideas of your own you’d like to share with the auxiliar community, feel free to leave them in the comment section.

more activites here

Happy Holidays to All…Give or Take

19 Dec

The U.S. Senate is currently up in arms over the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010.  This bill would provide $7.4 billion in health coverage for the first responders suffering from health problems that stem from the inhalation of toxic chemicals at the site of Ground Zero. The fate of the act is still unclear, as it is currently being filibustered by members of the U.S. Senate. Continue reading

El Mundo: Only 57 Percent of Fourth-Graders Pass Catalan and Castellano in Mallorca

17 Dec

Today’s El Mundo reports that only 57.2 percent of Mallorcan fourth-graders pass their Catalan and Castellano courses, the majority eking by with just a Suficiente. Many students end up entering secondary school with poor oral and written levels of Catalan and Castellano. Considering that both are official languages of the Balearic Islands, one can’t help wonder what the numbers are for English.

So far, what have your experiences been at your schools? Do your students have a good level of English, or is there room for improvement?

No Spain no Gain

17 Dec

Hello fellow aux’s, I hope the transition from the States to Mallorca is going well. Believe me, I’ve got piles of horror stories from my first month here. I think one reason why had to be my shoddy Spanish skills. Por suerte, there are myriad resources available to us to help improve our linguistic abilities, and best of all they’re free of charge! Continue reading

Today’s youth…

16 Dec

Quite possibly the two coolest teenagers on this island, Paula Demaiz and Adrià Arbona, a former student of mine, make up the indie rock band Papa Topo. What began as a music page on myspace, this group has made leaps and bounds having already come out with two incredible music videos, signing with Elefant Records, and appearing as the featured artist on the cover of Youthing Magazine. I could only dream of being this hip as an 18-year-old. Check out their other video here