Last Minute Projects

20 Dec

Having trouble brainstorming ideas for class? With small children I find that a rewards-based system helps students focus on the task at hand, and what’s more the reward itself is a project. Little tasks such as origami are great because they keep the students distracted from misbehaving and are an effective means of teaching them some new vocabulary.

The Origami Ball

This is my personal favorite because after the students complete all the steps you get to see them huff and puff away trying to inflate it. I’ve done this activity with students ranging from 5 to 12 years old. Be sure to emphasize key words such as fold, line, cut, blow etc. while giving instructions. During and after the project I frequently act out the steps and ask the students what I’m doing.  Además, being the holiday season you can write this off as a Christmas ornament.  All the steps for this activity can be found  here

If you have any ideas of your own you’d like to share with the auxiliar community, feel free to leave them in the comment section.

The Paper Dog

This dog is great because it’s fairly primitive but also allows the students to incorporate their own artistic ingenuity. Ideal for your younger pupils. Instructions for this dog, as well as a host of other origami animals can be found here

Holiday Origami

I really should have posted this earlier, considering we only have one week  of school left before the vacation. Anyhow, if you need any last minute ideas for holiday oriented origami I have put a link below that has a whole page of different little Christmasy projects like the tree above. Check it out  here

The Snowflake

Not exactly an origami, but what would winter be without snowflakes? If you’ve forgotten how to make these winter delights you can refresh your memory here


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