High School Teacher May Have Stolen 12,000 Euros in Government Money

21 Dec

It’s not every day that you find out your student may have pinched 12,000 euros from the government piggy bank.

Once a week I teach an intermediate English class to eight different high school teachers. One of these teachers, Josep Lliteres, has a high level of English and enjoys attention, so I often have to tell him off for cracking too many jokes in class. He seems like a nice guy, and as a group we all enjoy having him around.

While flipping through Diario de Mallorca I saw, to my shock, Josep’s photo underneath a headline screaming scandal. One day before hamming it up for his coworkers in my English class, Josep had been called before a judge to testify against charges of misusing public money. While serving as Director of the Cultural and Institutional Relations Council (a position he no longer holds), Josep allegedly billed the government 12,000 euros for a conference on immigration that never occurred. Instead, the money was used to organize an electoral party held on May 27th, 2007. While Lliteres acknowledges his signature on some of these documents, he claims that the majority are forged.

The next class I taught, Josep was not there. He had a business lunch, my students told me. I asked them if they had read about their coworker in the papers. They winced. “It’s not good for the school,” said one. I asked if Josep had said anything to them. They shook their heads. “He’s very prudent, very rational,” a student told me. “He keeps his work and private life separate.”

I can never get over how small this island is. There’s always some elephant in the room.

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