“Fuck Art.”

20 Jan

Check out this incredible piece of street art on Calle Sant Domingo before it’s gone for good.

An anonymous graffiti artist left this piece on an abandoned government building. Amazingly, he or she managed to both paint the piece directly onto the wall and then superglue an elaborate gold frame around it without getting caught. The artist also left a note behind, written in English:

“I’m sick of contemporary art, so I’m leaving you right here. Sincerly [sic], Art.”

Diario de Mallorca has compared this piece to the works of the British street artist Banksy; I’ve posted a few pictures of his work below. The police have already removed Fuck Art‘s note and gold frame (and took off part of the wall in the process — guess it was pegado pretty hard). Take a look at this amazing piece before the rest of it is destroyed.

Update: Thank you Blair Clarkson, who looked for the picture and found out it’d been removed. Qué pena…

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