Keep It Wheel

2 Feb

It’s the first week of a new month which means another Critical Mass ride through Palma. The collective bike ride takes place monthly all over the world  and happens every first Saturday of the month in Palma. Although it’s been around in Palma since May 2002, Critical Mass actually started in San Francisco in 1992 with the unpleasant name of Commute Clot. [The current moniker originated from the short documentary ¨Return of the scorcher¨ and was used to describe how bicyclists get around in China (see awesome 90’s video below).] The idea of critical mass is simple: a group of bicyclists riding together from one point to another. It has been described as a ¨spontaneous coincidence¨. Others call it a protest but it’s more of a celebration. The ride in Palma is usually escorted by one or two local police officers for extra security and it lasts más o menos 40 minutes. If you don’t have a bike, borrow your roommate’s or rent one for the day and get to Plaza España by 11:00. Take a look at the bike section under shops&markets for more info about renting or buying. Here’s some helpful links as well:

Critical mass in Palma (mostly in Catalan):

Palma bike blog (includes local news and politics related to cycling):

List of Critical Mass rides around the world:

S.F. Critical Mass:

Seattle Bike Blog:


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