Mem….ories of the Torrada

8 Feb

The 20th of January was sin duda one of the most congested days of the year in our humble city center.  Hopefully all of you had the chance to get out and see a live show or two, grill up some meat slabs, watch adults climb on top of each other, or  even see giants meandering through the muchedumbre.

Below I’ve included photos that outline a torrada night on the town

The Giants or Gegants i Capgrossos date back to 1630 when similar figures were acquired and incorporated into the Corpus Christi celebration in Sóller. A pair of these actually stand guard in City Hall at Plaça Cort. This photo was taken at Plaça Mayor.

One of the most nerve-racking traditions upheld in our fair Mallorca is that of the Castellers. In the same town square as above these foolhardy performers pushed and climbed atop  each other to construct a human tower. To contribute to the inherent unease this sight provokes, the culmination of their efforts is a small child scrambling up their fellow Castlers to form the peak . Supposedly in the past century two children in the whole of Spain have died from this custom. Special thanks to our friend Silvia Carrion for snapping the two former photographs.

After watching my friend Daniel roast an entire chicken on a public barbecue, we inched through the masses of Mallorquins squeezing past people eating, drinking, laughing and smoking. I keep asking myself about the whereabouts of these people during the rest of the year.

We ended up at a stage near Plaça de Tortugas where this Spanish rockabilly band cut a rug. Still not sure who this band was, but everyone in the crowd, be them children, teens, middleagers and even geezers, all seemed to know every lyric this vintage group had to spit.

An eager crowd awaits the next musical performance.

Made moves across the way at Parc del Mar. The path that goes along the lake was lit up by projections from the other side. None of these strangers listened when I told them to hold still for the photo.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen Ses Voltes appear so fulgent.

Beneath the blue and yellow canopy there were booths abound vending wares of all varieties. This merchant seemed especially passionate about getting the word out on her haberdashery. In the distance I could make out some nondescript band attempting to rock my world with little success.

I suddenly found myself peering into this firey pit of decadence. I was completely full from the chicken earlier, but was also kind of bored so I decided to take charge of the flesh on the grill. Either somebody just left these things there or I was stealing, but nobody complained so I commenced gorging myself with it.

Around 4 a.m. the streets were still fairly packed. However, all debaucherous things must come to an end eventually. Street cleaners lined the road and police officers stood around making sure the non-violent crowd remained so. All in all I was very happy not to have work the next morning.


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