Feliz Día de Valentino

16 Feb

Unfortunately globalization has yet to permeate the month of February in Mallorca with the consumer-driven eros we’ve come to except as granted in the States. The little attention this day seems to outwardly evoke appears to be strictly reserved for adult situations in this fair country of España, so I decided to teach my pupils that behind every great farce there’s a host of creative activities to be derived.

By this I mean that I’ve been teaching my little English-studying henchmen to make Valentines for their parents, siblings, and significant others. I was thoroughly surprised to see how intrigued my students were by cutting red paper into heart shapes. Here’s some examples I used to invoke my students’ muse.

On a side note, I was speaking with some of my co-workers during break and apparently the origin of the holiday goes back to some period of the Roman Empire when the government had banned marriage to encourage more men to take part in warring. Luckily for the citizens of the empire one Father Valentine was completely opposed to this notion and continued performing marriages surreptitiously. However, when found out, Valentine was put to death by the authorities. Something to ponder the next time you’re eating disgusting little candy-hearts. A brief search online didn’t really concretely corroborate this story, and apparently there have been numerous Valentines in the history of Christiandom, but it’s my personal favorite apocrypha.


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