Anarchy in the BI

23 Feb

There has been some recent unrest amongst the faculty of the Instituto Son Pacs over one José Ramón Bauzá. If the PP wins the next election, which many see as likely, Bauzá will become the next president of the Balearic Islands. According to my co-workers, Bauzá does not regard Mallorquin as a dialect of Catalan and also considers Spanish to be more significant. If you all remember our orientation, and I know sometimes it’s difficult to recollect extremely invigorating events, we learnt that in the Balearic Islands it is mandatory that all public education must be taught at least 51% in Catalan. Supposedly A Bauzá in office means this will change.

Below are some photos of a manifestación that was held at my school. To show Mallorquin pride two of the teachers played traditional music and students put up colorful depictions of Mallorquin terms on a wall that is visible to all onlookers crushing down Carretera Valldemosa.

The IB3 news team even made it out. While the headmaster of my school was being interviewed I inadvertently got a large group of students to start chanting ¨pruebalo, pruebalo.¨ IB3 looked frustrated and confused.

I asked the director of the English department at my school how this controversy plays into the classes currently offered at the UIB and she responded that in theory the majority should be in Catalan, but that it’s highly contigent on the native language of the professor of said course.


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