If you haven’t Heard…

24 Feb

Interested in tasting local wine, seeing a contemporary art gallery, and screening the first movie filmed in Mallorca? The Sifoneria is a stone that simultaneously murders these three birds. This hole in the wall is situated in the barrio antiguo (C/ Santa Clara, 4, Hours : Tues-Sat. 13:00-21:30) and upon entering one experiences the sensation of life in the days of Mallorcan yore, not to mention that the cost of a bottle of wine is absurdly low. If you’re not yet convinced, below is a  photo tour.

Walking by you’ll suddenly notice a seemingly narrow venue that appears to stretch back indefinitely. If the array of colors, random gadgets and unique decor don’t lure you in, the help certainly will.

The shop is run by Juan Carlos….

…and his gf Uta. These two are super sweet and helpful, and love conversing with their patrons. They told me that the Sifoneria has been open for less than six months, and that in the past this island was peppered with establishments así.

Direct your attention to the right and you’ll see their selection of beverages awaiting their imminent bottling. Have any questions about wine production? Just inquire and these two will talk your ear off about everything, from the grapes used in the pressings to how the barrels’ wood affects the flavor. If you can’t make out the numbers on the barrels in the photo, to give an idea of prices a bottle of white wine is 1.55€.

From the sweetest of sweets, to brews of a drier variety, you’re bound to find the fermented beverage of your dreams. Don’t hesitate to ask for samples.

More often than not this film is being projected on the far-back wall. It’s Mallorca’s first and is apparently some type of documentary of the island.

In addition to alcoholic beverages, the Sifonry offers many soft drinks, many of which are served in the old-fashioned spray bottles reminiscent of silent films.

After carefully selecting your wine, Juan or Uta will sifon it directly from the barrel and then cork it before your very eyes on this outmoded bottle-topper.

If the place gets crowded, which is not  uncommon at all, there’s a library of literature on Mallorca and art, old magazines like the one above, and some crates of classic vinyl. While browsing through the discs one day I found myself laughing hysterically at a song titled “Mi Amor tiene Quince Años,” which apparently was a hit-pop song back in the day.

For those of us looking for more visual stimuli, the whole back section is a two-story art gallery featuring different contemporary artists.

Even Juan Carlos has some of his personal pieces on display upstairs.

Even if you’re not a wine fanatic, or don’t even drink,  this spot is certainly worth a visit before leaving the island if you’re looking for something with an authentic Mallorcan flare.

Disclaimer: As always, we at blogxiliar.wordpress.com encourage responsible alcohol consumption and frown upon driving under the influence of intoxicants.


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  1. blogxiliar 25/02/2011 at 18:29 #

    Also, you can stop in for a glass of wine for only 50 cents!

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