High-Tech High

3 Mar

The high school where I work is siempre más hi-tech. They’ve recently installed SMART Boards in many of the classrooms. Some teachers, including me, still don’t know how to make use of the electronic and interactive whiteboards, but others have ingeniously incorporated the new technology in their lessons. In my Social Science class with 1ESO, the professor always plans an activity using the school laptops which she demonstrates on the whiteboard. The students are instructed to access her blog, Arxisocial’s Weblog, and complete the activity of the day. They are currently learning about Prehistory, so last week they played games on a educational website maintained by the Generalitat de Catalunya. I got to try them out as well and found I probably would have starved if I had lived in the Prehistoric era. The games, a bit reminiscent of The Oregon Trail and with an outstanding musical accompaniment, can be found here: No badis!, under La prehistòria in the Cicle Superior column. Click on Poblat 1 and try your hand at La Recol·lecció. You can also fish for the pueblo in Poblat 2, get initiated into adulthood in Poblat 3, and barter chickens for goats in Poblat 4. The page is in Catalan; it’s a good way to get more familiar with the language and learn vocabulary to impress your amics.


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