Día Internacional de la Mujer Trabajadora

10 Mar

Biking home from class this past Tuesday I happened upon a Plaça Cort brimming with spectators. Being as my Catalá is not the bé-est, I couldn’t grasp much beyond the fact that the manifestation was being held for International Womens’ Day, reinvindicando all the social achievements that have occurred since the Womens’ Suffrage movement, as well as throughout history before the 20th century, evidenced by authors such as Sor Juana  Inés de la Cruz and Plato to name a few. I’ve found feminism and its history to be great subject matter for my older classes.

If you majored in Spanish you should have some idea who Sor Juana is. If not, you can read her most famous work (Hombres Necios) HERE, which speaks of a hipocrisy summed up as men simultaneously desiring women as sexual objects and chaste. Plato applies a  scientific approach to justifying feminism stating in The Republic, “Are dogs divided into hes and shes, or do they both share equally in hunting and in keeping watch and in the other duties of dogs? or do we entrust to the males the entire and exclusive care of the flocks, while we leave the females at home, under the idea that the bearing and suckling their puppies is labour enough for them?”

This notion of men and women working together in society is ostensibly becoming more and more a reality. According to Neal Conan of National Public Radio, “By year’s end (2009), for example, women will make up more than half the workforce. That persistent wage gap is still there, but it’s closed significantly.” Evidence of this can be seen here in Palma in the pharmaceutical field, “de los 802 profesionales en activo que se contabilizan actualmente, 504 son mujeres.” – mallorcadiario.com.

Below I’ve put some links regarding this day of commemoration in Mallorca.


Diaro Mallorca



One Response to “Día Internacional de la Mujer Trabajadora”

  1. HC Marbella 08/03/2012 at 10:08 #

    Buenos días!! Desde el exclusivo Hospital Internacional HC Marbella queremos felicitar a todas las mujeres trabajadoras.

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