Tragedy hits Home

20 Mar

Wreaking havoc atop the tectonic expanse known as the Ring of Fire, the fifth most powerful earthquake in recorded history struck off the east coast of the Oshika peninsula on the 11th of March, 2011. In addition to a massive amount of physical structures and lives being toppled by the seismic vibrations, as well as swept away by the tsunami, effected nuclear plants face or are dealing with meltdown scenarios. These tragedies also beg to question the economic aftermath of Tōhoku in the world’s second-most financially wealthy country after the United States. In our fair Mallorca, Japanese-born attacking mid-fielder and winger Akihiro Ienaga took a moment of silence during a press conference this past week to pay respect for those amidst the chaos abroad.

From 2004 to 2010, the now 24-year-old footballer has lead an admirable career amongst several football clubs in Japan until signing a 5 year contract with the Spanish First Division team R.C.D. Mallorca in 2010. When asked about the well-being of his family and loved-ones, he commented, “Bueno estoy informado de ellos y están bien no han sufridos las consecuencias del terremoto, a pesar de que si tengo amigos que lo han sufrido.” As of march 19th, the team scored a victory over Zaragoza placing the Mallorcan football club at 9th in the league.


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