Getting Classy

2 Apr

Hey team, I hope classes are still rocking for all of you. Lately I’ve noticed a large demand from older students and adults to get insight on business vernacular, and professional lingo in general. One of my students recently asked me how a job interview in the States would go down and I’ve been able to draw upon this theme for several classes worth of material. Below I’ve included some similar class ideas.

Considering the degree of people that seek out training for conduct during interviews in their own native lengua, incorporating this theme into your curriculum can be an outlet for new vocabulary, cultural distinctions and a mountain of role play activities. Mock interviews are a great means of holding the attention of your classroom auditors.

In the vein of business buzzwords, this is a great start for spreading some essential office terminology.

Concerning role play brainstorming, here’s some printable pdf’s to invoke your students’ theatric muse.

I came across this article by Siabhra Woods that discusses how such drama-based activities can create participation through placing the responsibility on the students to conduct the direction of the lesson.

Here is a website that demonstrates team-building exercises, as well as many other office-related activities, employers utilize in the work place to boost morale and strengthen professional relationships. I like these because they force the participants to take a role, more often than not comical,  in what’s going down.



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