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Keeping it Fresh: Adults and Teens

5 Apr

Sometimes I slip into a comfort zone, following the same routine class after class. It makes for easy lesson planning, but after a while my students get bored and so do I. Here are some ideas for switching it up.

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22 Jan

Just a preview of what you’ll be experiencing tonight:

In my opinion, this is the one can’t-miss event during the week of San Sebastián. The torrades are fantastic, the concerts are incredible, and I love the art shows… but the best festivity of all is the correfoc, or fire run. What could be better than being chased with fire by screaming demons? When the fire run ends, stick around to check out the apocalyptic fireworks display set up above the Cathedral to booming classical music. Here’s a schedule for the night:

Sortida de l’Infern: Col·legi Jaume I – 20h
Marxa de les bèsties: Parc de la Mar – 20’30h
Espectacle Final: Parc de la Mar – 21h

Les Gloses

21 Jan

If you went to Sa Pobla, Manacor, or Artà last Sunday for Sant Antoni, you probably heard people playing xeremías, a kind of bagpipe, and ximbombes, which look like drums with a stick stuck in the middle of them. While I knew that these were old folk instruments, I didn’t realize that they traditionally accompany improvised songs, or gloses, on different saints’ days. Continue reading

“Fuck Art.”

20 Jan

Check out this incredible piece of street art on Calle Sant Domingo before it’s gone for good. Continue reading

It’s Torrada Time

19 Jan

In any of the plazas today you can find barbecues (torrades in Mallorquín), with bread, veggies, chorizo, sobrasada, butifarra, and every other pork variant that Mallorca has to offer. Get there early to snag a spot and be prepared to make friends — the best thing about this festivity is the people you meet while sharing food.

Later on, the night will turn into this:

Happy San Sebastián!

High School Teacher May Have Stolen 12,000 Euros in Government Money

21 Dec

It’s not every day that you find out your student may have pinched 12,000 euros from the government piggy bank. Continue reading

El Mundo: Only 57 Percent of Fourth-Graders Pass Catalan and Castellano in Mallorca

17 Dec

Today’s El Mundo reports that only 57.2 percent of Mallorcan fourth-graders pass their Catalan and Castellano courses, the majority eking by with just a Suficiente. Many students end up entering secondary school with poor oral and written levels of Catalan and Castellano. Considering that both are official languages of the Balearic Islands, one can’t help wonder what the numbers are for English.

So far, what have your experiences been at your schools? Do your students have a good level of English, or is there room for improvement?