Age: 26

Hometown: Janesville,  Wisconsin

School/Major: University of Minneapolis,  Actuarial Sciences (math and statistics)

What I was doing before I moved to the island: I was doing the same program at Colegio Nuestra Señora del Rosario in Alcubillas, Ciudad Real. 

Schools I worked at: IES Bendinat

First impressions of the island: It was very nice, and still is: beaches and mountains, who can complain?

Living situation: I lived with other auxiliars: two American girls and one Brit.  However, if you want to improve your Spanish, I’d recommend living with someone you can speak Spanish with.  After my first year here, I lived with a Spaniard, a Portuguese and an Italian and it was great! We all spoke Spanish, and I even did an Italian-English exchange with the roomie.

Experience on the job: The job can be pretty boring. I spent a lot of time just sitting around waiting for someone to ask me to do something.  Honestly, I wasn’t too excited about the job (seeing 250 students over my 12 hour work week didn’t really help in building any relationships), but if you’re more of a go getter than I am, you can build good relationships with the teachers at least and maybe do some more talking in class.  I never had any real problems, I just felt that they (the school) didn’t take full advantage of having a native English speaker there.  I felt the same at both schools I was at.

What I did in my free time: Played music and partied, though that wasn’t friendly on the wallet.  I explored the island a lot, too.  If you make friends with someone who has a car it’s nice, but the buses are very convenient, as well.  There’s lots of great things to see here!

Favorite drinkery: Tapa Andaluz. There’s one right near the big Corte Íngles.  It’s also a good place to eat; nothing special, but cheap.  Cappuccino makes some bomb coffee.

Favorite eatery: Tast Club has excellent food and a cool atmosphere.  There’s no sign so it’s kind of tough to find.  It’s on C/Sant Jaume, near the C&A store.  And Can Joan de S’Aigo for good pastries and better ice cream/sorbet.

What I’m doing now: I’m living with my girlfriend on the island and working on a master’s thesis.

Words of wisdom: Learning some Mallorquín words might be helpful.  Some people will just talk to you in Catalán.  In fact, at my school all of the teachers spoke amongst themselves in Catalán, and many of them spoke it to me, too.
Get the TIB discount card; if you’re under 26, the fares are half the price.  EMT gives discounts to students. You can show them your schedule from your school and tell them you’re a student. If they hassle you, which they never did to me, you do actually have a student visa you can show them.


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