Hometown: Portland, Oregon

School/Major: I majored in Spanish at the University of Oregon.

What I was doing before I moved to the island: I was working as a coordinator for an academic, after-school program at Sunnyside Environmental School.

Schools I worked at: My first year I worked at two schools in Inca, IES Berenguer and La Salle. The following year I worked at IES Son Pacs.

Living situation: When I first moved to the island I lived with some older folks who never seemed to be home, and a crazy Russian woman with a six-week-old baby who cried and screamed constantly. It was the first place that responded to me, and being as nervous as I was about finding a place, I acted on impulse. I absolutely hated it. Luckily it only lasted for about a month, and then I moved in with an American who became my best friend.

Experience on the job: The only thing I didn’t like about work was that I had to take a train for 45 minutes to Inca, a small town north of Palma. I worked at a Catholic school and at a public one. At each, very little was required of me. The teachers simply handed me the curriculum they would have normally given the students, and essentially told me to go nuts. At both schools I was treated very hospitably by both my co-workers and students, though in the beginning many of the school’s staff was convinced that I myself was a highschooler. All in all, I felt appreciated and loved my work situation.

What I did in my free time:  My free time was spent at the beach during the day and my nights were full of a range of festivities including house parties, clubbing, art gallery events, and botellones. The excess of students, travellers, and young people in general facilitate the ease of making friends.


What I’m doing now: Nowadays I’m working at Intel and HP of Guadalajara, Mexico as an English instructor. I plan on attending culinary school and later pursuing a Master’s in Education.

Words of wisdom: Don’t let the change get you down or discourage you from staying in the program. I did two years, and would have done a third if possible. I can honestly say it was the best job I’ve ever had. Although the beginning was sort of a pain finding a good place to live and settling all my visa requirements, in the end it was definitely worth it. Mallorca is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and I encourage anybody who gets the opportunity to live there to take full advantage of everything it has to offer.


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