NIE (y más paperwork)

Oficina de Extranjeria – Calle de Montevideo – If you haven’t already been to this office the best way to locate it is putting “Calle de Montevideo” into google maps. Put the orange google street view man on the A icon on the map and then in street view direct the perspective southward and you’ll see a plain beige/grayish building to the right of a palm tree. Keep in mind that it’s likely you’ll have to wait hour after excruciating hour for your number to be called, so bring a book and don’t show up too late. I’ve gotten the impression that Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are slightly less congested than Monday and Friday. If you have any questions about where to go once you get inside the office just ask the security guards, they’re all super friendly and helpful.

Concerning requirements for new auxiliares, check out –

For those of you that are considering renewing your contract, last year I needed an informe (a brief questionaire for your school), a medical certificate, a letter of recommendation from your current institute, and the application form which can be found on the official auxiliar website. Make sure to check in with the program coordinator in case the requirements have changed for this year.


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