Blogxiliar is a comprehensive guide  for past, current, and future auxiliares, artists, bike enthusiasts, musicians, writers, juggalos, teachers, travelers, scientists, mallorquins, et al.

The blog is run by us:

Hannah is from Modesto/Methdesto/Molesto, California. She lived and worked in Palma for two years before starting anew in Madrid. She now lives in a closet-sized room in Lavapiés. You can find her and literally scoop her up off the street, most likely between Embajadores and Malasaña.

Sara is “from” Seattle, Washington.  She bought a stolen bike from an old man and has been riding around the streets of Madrid for the past year.  Odds are, you have a friend or relative that looks like her.  You can find her playing pool most nights at Via Láctea.

Josh is from Portland, Oregon. He lived in Palma and is currently doing time in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Laura is from Kensington, Maryland. She lived in Palma and now lives in the best city in the world, Seattle.

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