Where’s Saldo?

For desperate times when you have ganas de salir but no saldo, here’s a list of locutorios where you can put money on your phone, use the internet, or get cozy in a phone booth.

The Indian Mart
8 Calle Galera, Palma, España – Although a minimart and not a locutorio, if you’re in need of saldo or stimulating beverages this shop is conveniently situated right off Plaza Mayor and is always open late.

El Kiosko – Placa d’Espanya – At the plaza, on the side of the fountain and next to the big cafe, this kiosk sells everything from soft drinks to adult magazines, and happens to be open 24 hours a day. The only catch is that if you want to buy saldo it will cost you an additional 25 centimos 😦

Mercado Blanquerna – 62 Calle Blanquerna – This convenience store is located just minutes from S’Escorxador on the corner of C/Blanquerna and C/Andreu Feliu and is typically open until midnight.  Here you can find saldo, drinks, and if you’re in desperate need for food on a Sunday this place has the essentials. Además there’s usually an adorable new-born behind the counter working the register.


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